A topical school workshop for Autumn/Winter 2021 offering thought provoking opportunities to understanding the journey Carbon can take and why nature keeps things in perfect climate balance.

We will be exploring the Carbon cycle and finding out what Carbon can be, making our own, getting to grips with why it’s important for all life and exploring ways to keep the balance neutral. 



Tree Superheroes:

Discover the importance of trees for wildlife, people and the planet.


Become a Carbon Investigator:

Explore the Carbon Cycle in depth investigating ways to calculate the trees power of carbon capture.

KS3 & 4

Immersive day in the woods de-bunking the common myths about Carbon.  Exploring Carbon transfer in nature and developing techniques to calculate Carbon storage mitigating the imbalance.

All sessions to take place at our Deneway nature reserve – more information on this hidden urban site can be found here. 

For further details or to book a workshop, contact Paula