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BHee primary environmental review documents

env_reviewCarrying out an Environmental Review is a great way to draw pupils’ attention to the ‘eco’ strengths of the school and get them discussing how pupils and staff can work together to become more environmentally friendly. A yearly Environmental Review is important for schools working for an Eco-Schools award.

The BHee Environmental Review documents have been designed with the help of local teachers to be accessible to primary pupils. Use the links below to download:

 Eco Committee application forms and certificates

certificateThese downloads will help you set up an Eco Committee, and reward them for their hard work at the end of the term or year.

  • Forming and eco committee – notes for teachers
  • Eco Committee application form – lower primary (editable publisher file)
  • Eco Committee application form – upper primary (editable publisher file)
  • Eco Committee application form – secondary (editable publisher file)
  • Eco Committee certificate – primary
  • Eco Committee certificate – secondary

Pupil-led campaigns to reduce food waste

A campaign to reduce food waste can be a great way to develop your Eco-Schools work on both ‘Waste’ and ‘Healthy Living.’

Research suggests that over a school year (40 weeks) a total of 55,408 tonnes of food waste is generated by primary schools in England and 24,974 tonnes by secondary schools. Typically primary schools produce 72 grams per pupil per day and secondary schools 42 grams per pupil per day. (For more details on this research carried out by WRAP please click here.)

The first step is to weigh the food waste from your school canteen, ideally for several days. Then use the resources below with your Eco Committee to explore which foods are being thrown away in the school dining hall, and the reasons why pupils are not eating their food. Finally, make a plan to reduce the food waste your school produces, involving the whole school.

Pupil-led energy campaigns

goldenlightbulbThese resources will help your Eco Committee to run a high-profile energy efficiency campaign, helping staff and pupils to save energy – and money – for your school.

Use the links below to download:

One Planet Snakes and Ladders

snakes_laddersBHee has given this traditional game with a new ‘eco’ slant, with extra features to spark discussion and debate! Use the game with a primary Eco Committee, to inform action planning, or perhaps in a KS2 classroom to support curriculum work on protecting the environment. Use the links below to download:

How to make a mud oven

mud_ovenMaking your own mud oven in the school grounds is a fantastic way to engage pupils with the outdoors, as well as the wonders of growing, cooking and eating your own food.

Click here to download a pdf explaining how to make your own mud oven.

One Planet Charades

One_Planet_CharadesThis well-known traditional game, with an ‘eco’ slant, is perfect for an Eco Club or Committee to generate discussion while having lots of fun. Click here to download ready-to-print game cards with simple instructions.

Autumn_Wildlife_ClubRun your own Wildlife Club

These packs contains a wealth of ideas for an after school eco club, focusing on wildlife and biodiversity. They are not designed to be followed rigidly, rather as a resource for inspiration. Click on the links below to download the pdf document of your choice.

Christmas card boxes

christmas-card-boxesThis is the perfect activity for the chilly gloom of January.  Collect used Christmas cards, and reuse them to make beautiful gift boxes to sell at next year’s Christmas Fair. Square cards are best for the boxes, so use other shapes to make gift tags.

Use the money you raise to support your Eco-Schools work – the Eco Committee will have lots of suggestions of what you might buy! Don’t forget to recycle any cards that you don’t use, and the offcuts from your box-making! Click here to download instructions.

Recycling Audit

recycling audit weighing

A recycling audit is a great activity for a Eco Committee who are keen to move the school up the ‘waste hierarchy’ and focus on the re-use of paper. Having shared your results with the whole school, repeat the audit after a few weeks and compare your results.

Use the links below to download:

Packed Lunch Waste Audit


This audit also moves your school up the ‘waste hierarchy’, focusing on reducing packed lunch waste. It is likely to lead to a whole-school campaign focusing on re-usable containers and minimal packaging, involving teachers, pupils and parents. Spread the word, then repeat the audit after a few weeks.  Has your campaign been successful?

Use the links below to download:

If your Eco Committee are interested in the waste generated at lunch time, have a look at the video produced by pupils at St Luke’s Primary about food waste.