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There are many ways of integrating sustainability into your curriculum, whatever the age of your pupils. The Eco-Schools website has lesson plans for teachers, while the POD has a wide range of excellent resources to help teachers include ‘eco’ issues in their teaching.

Use the menu below to browse BHee’s growing bank of resources to help you integrate sustainability into the curriculum:

tarsiaKS2 Maths: Water Tarsia

This Water Tarsia is designed for upper KS2 pupils, to support maths work on measurement (volume) while developing an insight into the water cycle of the Brighton & Hove / South Downs area.

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FS / KS1 Literacy: Might Be Useful

might_be_usefulThis delightful story with an environmental message was written for Foundation Stage / KS1 pupils. Stan works at the dump and is appalled to see people throwing away things which he thinks ‘might be useful.’ In his shed he mends broken items and uses other people’s ‘rubbish’ to make wonderful new objects.

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KS1-3 Science: Habitats and Species

Find out ‘What’s so special about the habitats and species of Brighton & Hove?’ with these downloadable PowerPoints featuring beautiful images of local wildlife. These presentations are designed to support the teaching of the science curriculum and come with comprehensive teachers’ notes linking local wildlife with curriculum objectives.

The first two PowerPoints are suitable for KS1, 2 and 3 and designed to be adapted by teachers to suit their curricular needs; the other two are shorter and designed for specific year groups: Y2 and Y5.

Habitats powerpoint presentation  Species-powerpoint y2 food chains  Y5 life cycles

Please read the teachers’ notes for your chosen PowerPoint, which are packed with supplementary information to support teachers to inspire pupils to value and protect our local species and habitats.

habitats teachers notes  species teachers notes    y2 food chains teachers notes  Y5 life cycles teachers notes

Click on the icons below to download identification sheets and other resources to support curriculum work on habitats.

plant identification minibeast resources pond-life resources

KS2 Maths: Recycling Audit

recycling audit weighing

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Could your school’s recycling be improved?  Is there contamination in your recycling bins? How much of the paper has been used on both sides before being recycled? A recycling audit is a great activity for a class or Eco Committee, using mathematical skills in a practical context.

Working in groups, pupils sort and weigh the contents of your recycling bins.  Depending on their age they can make charts of the resulting data and / or calculate the percentage of each category.  Interpreting the data will help them to make a plan to share with the rest of the school of how to improve your school’s recycling.  Repeat the audit after a few weeks (with the same pupils or a different group) and compare your results.

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KS2 Maths: Packed Lunch Waste Audit


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Have you worked hard to improve your school’s recycling? Now it’s time to move up the ‘waste hierarchy’ and think about reducing your waste; this audit of your packed lunch waste is the perfect place to start.

A whole-school campaign focusing on re-usable containers and minimal packaging will help raise pupils’ awareness of waste issues and is the perfect ‘Waste’ project for your next Eco-Schools award.  Repeat the audit after a few weeks, and compare your results.  Has your campaign been successful?

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