Brighton & Hove environmental education


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If you have any suggestions of resources you would like BHee to develop, or resources you have made that you would like to share with other schools, please email Helen.

Resources available on free loan

1. Infra red camera

Have you ever wondered about what wildlife visits your school grounds once the pupils and staff have left? BHee offers a one-week loan of their motion-sensitive, infra-red camera that takes either still photographs or short video clips.

The video below is a compilation showing what several Brighton and Hove schools discovered when they set up the camera in their grounds.  (Note: this video has no sound.)

For details on how to borrow the BHee infra-red camera, please email Katie.

2.  Paper-making kit

papermaking equipmentMaking your own hand-made recycled paper is a great way to help pupils understand the circular nature of recycling and lots of fun for all ages!

BHee lends its paper-making kit to schools, including equipment to set up a ‘paper recycling factory’ at school, with full instructions.

For details on how to borrow the BHee paper-making kit, please email Helen.