Brighton & Hove environmental education

Peacock Poetry Prize

For this year’s competition, BHee has joined forces with Brighton Festival and Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC). We are awarding a special prize in the Peacock Poetry Prize, for poems that celebrate our interaction with The Living Coast, our unique natural environment. A stroll in a local park, a picnic on the beach or a ramble on the Downs; all can provide budding poets with ideas to weave into an ‘Everyday Epic’.

BHee’s judges have selected their shortlist of poems, and three excited pupils have been invited to the prize-giving ceremony at the Brighton Dome on 26th May. The shortlisted poems are below; we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

The Beach

The pebbles ran
ahead of me as
the waves tickled
my toes which
glistened in the

A seagull swooped
Down eyeing the beach
For food
The wind blew carrying a scent of food
Snatching me back to reality.

The sun blazed back
at my eyes fiercely.
I looked into the woods.
The branches were
waving at me to come in.
I couldn’t.
I had to come back.
Then a vibration in my pocket
And the moment of peace vanished.

Luca Sell, Year 5 pupil at Deepdene School

Why do people disrespect pigeons?

Why do people disrespect pigeons?
Just because they make a mess
Just because they huddle round your feet
When you’re walking down the street
Just because they don’t sing a pretty song
It doesn’t mean that they are wrong

Look again
Their pretty necks have turquoise purple shiny green scarves
Purr like a cat they do
Fat necked king pigeon
I like you.

Year 6 pupil, Brunswick Primary School


In the bleak winter
When all was plain,
White, grey and mist shot all over the place.

A little bit of life shows itself from its hiding place
Picks up its sleepy head and blooms.

Yellow here, pink there
The field jumps out of its bed
And does a spring dance

When the field is fed
And lays down its head
Good night flowers
Good night field.

Olivia Pavlides, Y6 pupil at Deepdene School