All training is free to B&H teachers.  For more information or to book your place, email Katie

Curriculum linked outdoor learning – KS1-2

Thursday 10 March 2022, 9.30am – 3pm, Stanmer Park

A holistic look at outdoor learning, identifying opportunities to embed outdoor activities in all curriculum areas.


Practical outdoor skills course – KS 1-4

This course will be run over 3 sessions at Stanmer Park and The Deneway Nature Reserve, Brighton.

Thursday 21 April  9.30am – 3pm, Tuesday 3 May 4 – 6pm, Monday 30 May 4-6pm. 

Learn safe techniques for fire making and green wood working (whittling, sawing, drilling, splitting ) in schools and activities to use with your students.


Outdoor learning in an urban school –  EYFS – KS2

Friday 22 April 9:30 – 3; venue tbc

A morning focusing on ways of connecting children with nature in an urban school through activities and games using minimal natural resources.  The afternoon will look at ways of ‘greening’ the urban school and the use of local parks to add to the in-school experience. 


Introduction to working on the beach – KS 1-4

Monday 14 March 9:30am – 3pm, Ovingdean Beach

A day on the beach looking at safe, exciting ways of working on the beach with a class of children to enhance the curriculum and enable children to connect with their local outdoor space.


Wild Beach Training 

April 25-28th, Ovingdean Beach

A Level 3 course accredited by Open College Network consisting of 3 days experiential learning on the beach plus one day of working with a class on the beach.  We are able to offer this course (normally costing £350) to 2 staff from local schools FREE of charge, through the Wild Coast Sussex project.  To book email


Climate, carbon and trees – KS2

Wednesday 23 March, 4-6pm, The Deneway Nature Reserve, Brighton

What is carbon? How much carbon can a tree store?  Explore the science and maths around carbon capture by trees and natural solutions to climate change.   Activities will be ideal for sharing with KS2 pupils, linking with B&H ‘Whole school, whole city approach to climate education and action’


Carbon Capture – nature, climate and the carbon cycle – KS3-5

Thursday March 24, 9:30am – 3pm, The Deneway Nature Reserve, Brighton

A day focused on the carbon cycle and climate – we’ll make charcoal and explore the journey of carbon from atmosphere to leaf and tree. We’ll calculate how much carbon a tree can store in its life time, looking at learner friendly ways to make these calculations and stretch abilities. This session will stimulate lots of questions to ponder about the role of nature and natural solutions to climate change.